Youth Hub wants all youth to have the opportunities, resources, and experiences necessary to be successful adults. There are many keys to success- one being real life employment experiences. We believe that employment opportunities (including paid work, internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, etc.) are really important in helping youth develop certain skills and gain experience and exposure that are critical for transitioning into adulthood. We say that "every youth who wants a job should have a job." So, we work to make that possible. We collect information (through surveys and things) from YOU about your employment and related experiences so that we can come up with the BEST programs and opportunities to meet your needs. Sometimes we offer our own programs and other times we partner with other organizations that offer great opportunities. The things we do are always changing, so stay connected to keep up-to-date. We also believe in youth taking leadership within their communities. So, we train local youth to take the lead on most of what we do. In fact, youth are even behind the scenes in this Member Portal. We also focus on specific communities. Right now, our focus is on youth who live in Codman Square, Dorchester. We plan to expand to other neighborhoods soon.