Who is Youth Hub?

Youth Hub is a non-profit organization that seeks to cultivate pathways toward healthy, meaningful, and economically sustainable adulthood for every youth. One current priority is increasing youth employment and career-readiness in Codman Square, Dorchester, because we believe that these things are important for future success.

What is Youth Hub Membership? How does it work?

Youth Hub Membership is a way for youth to connect to the information, support, resources, and opportunities you need to be successful in employment and beyond. All youth between age 14-24 who live in Codman Square, Dorchester are invited to join! Its free! All you have to do is sign up and complete surveys to stay an active member.

Why should I join?

Joining Youth Hub will help you achieve your future goals by helping you to connect you with what you need. Your participation is also important in helping us achieve our goals to make our community a better place for youth to live and thrive.

Why should I complete surveys?

Surveys help us do two things, 1) understand you and your needs better so that we can connect you with relevant information and opportunities. And 2) your answers along with everyone else's will help us understand the needs, challenges, and opportunities for the community. Don't worry your responses are completely confidential and anonymous.

What rewards can I earn?

Rewards will change throughout the year, but may include things like: gift cards and movie passes, or tickets to a pizza party or a fun event!

What else does it mean to be a member?

Being a Youth Hub member means that you care about your future and you want to connect with others who do too.

How can I access my Member Portal?

You can access your Member Portal at any time at: https://youthhub.community.surveyanalytics.com. You can also download the Survey Swipe app to complete surveys right from your smartphone.

Can I talk to someone in person?

Absolutely! Email info@youthhubboston.org with any questions, concerns, etc. You can talk with an adult or youth staff from Youth Hub via email or phone, or set up a time to come in and meet us at our office in Codman Square.